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Piloting System

Pilot Holo Visor

The Holo Visor houses the AR drone piloting system. We use the HoloLens' short-range gesturetracking to map the pilot's mind control of the drone's robotic components.

We maximize the visor's optic engineering to play a pivotal role by using sensors for predictive gaze-tracking and head-tracking which we then integrate with the biometrics device to map back to the drone's navigational controls. The drone's sensors feed on the HoloLens are what is displayed to the pilot.

Our Augmented Reality drone piloting system is a computer implemented, reciprocal method for UAV flight. Real-time AR data from the system installed on the drone is received by the pilot, and the pilot's biometric input is given to the drone in response to the AR feed - comprising piloting commands. We integrate the Emotiv Insight EEG reader biometrics, visors, and a small flying UAV to give pilots:

  • the powers of shared reality, holoportation, and telepresence
  • significant increase in human safety
  • maximized team coordination
  • exponentially speeding emergency management & humanitarian responder endeavors such as Wide-Area Search & Rescue, Firefighting, Disaster Management, Large Venue Security, and Rural Telecommunications.

Mind flown drone piloting for the world, either via fleets for wide-area usage or solo-drones for limited areas.

Holo Visor drone piloting systems product line:

Piloting Training is included in all our GovTech & Commercial drone sales - provided by Astral AR's training partners onsite at the buyer's preferred training location. With mind-driven piloting the pilots thinks commands and backs them up with simple gestures. For example, the pilot thinks "bank left" and the drone banks left immediately. The Astral AR piloting system is designed for solo operation in an undisturbed working environment for reduced pilot distraction - though advanced piloting skills are more adaptable.

Being gesture-driven and largely hands-free (without a joystick or tablet-based command unit), the pilot can command the drone to "hover" while answering their phone, unpacking their lunchbox, or opening their water canteen - while staying on task.

Wearing Hololens
Leah Wearing Hololens
Wearing Hololens
Piloting Simulation
Emovitve Insight