Lower-Risk Traffic Stops


The Edna is our public safety drone that stops bullets, documents law enforcement, and optimizes hostage rescue. We provide police forces with the ability to accurately enforce existing gun control laws.

Baseline feature set is:

  • Abilty to see guns and bombs through solid objects and materials
  • Object Identification
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Real time autonomous situational assessment (Otherwise known as Predictive Probable Cause ™)

  • We incorporate technologies from our partners to achieve active autonomous situational evolution assessment for Predictive Probable Cause™: This allows law enforcement to know what they are dealing with before they get out of their car. This allows the proactive deployment of bullet-stopping capacity to avoid gun violence risks for all involved - and automatically documents events to confirm that due process for lawful citations or arrests has occurred. Future patented capabilities we can develop are numerous - as there are more ways to assist in de-escalation and to greatly reduce gun violence in our society. With exquisite granularity, we could model various use cases such as: -A combat veteran in a PTSD-related episode is engaged in a police standoff with a weapon which is not loaded or not chambered. Facial recognition software will enable responders to react appropriately depending on information gathered. Situational assessment of probable attempted suicide will expedite request for qualified psychiatric crisis officer backup for intervention. -Facial recognition software checks for any protective order or historical record of domestic violence or stalking harassment - plus locational and proximity checks with anomalous observation to discern an attempted murder in progress which would warrant immediate intervention by law enforcement. Law enforcement and emergency response teams all over the world need Edna fleets.