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Charlie II

Rural & Wilderness Firedrone

Charlie II is a rural/wilderness firedrone fleet designed expressly by request of FEMA. These firedrones do basically everything the Charlie I does, including prioritizing human survivability, but they do it in a fleet designed for under-canopy flight.

The Charlie II fleet works at or behind the fire line between a forest canopy and the ground. The scope of work for these fleets involves adaptive autopilot. The Charlie II drones can:

  • Cooperatively, proactively space themselves
  • Follow a fire-line
  • monitor and (hopefully) predict and identify fire jumps, etc. in support of a human pilot

The Charlie II fleets perceive and confirm live people regardless of visibility via facial recognition – and are equipped with environmental monitoring & people-counting sensors:

  • 3D Object-mapping: Infrared & Lidar

In the event that a Charlie II firedrone identifies a survivor it can deploy its (re-loadable) canister of fire-retardant foam. (The firefighter piloting the drone can deploy the canister manually, but the drone has the ability to deploy autonomously as well). The firedrone will remain with the survivor and facilitate 2-way communication with the pilot. Each firedrone’s path is recorded, along with its conditions, and can be replayed/retraced to diminish risk to emergency personnel, and guide people out (“follow the drone”) based on safety. When a Charlie II firedrone is assisting a survivor, it will default to maintaining line-of-sight (including following the person) and can summon the fleet to patrol for more survivors or to reduce threat to emergency teams on the ground.

These firedrones can also go where no firefighter can safely. As a fleet, they can help save many homes and habitats - as well as maximize firefighting crew survival in very perilous circumstances.

Please Contact Us for pricing information on the Charlie II fleet solution including leased drones, piloting system, piloting training, and long haul customer care.

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