Airbone Fire Rescue

Charlie I

Urban Fire Drone

The Charlie I is an urban firedrone whose main mission is to seek out human survivors by perceiving and confirming live people regardless of visibility.

Equipped with sensors that are 3D depth-aware and provide thermal, hyperspectral, and environmental monitoring Charlie I:

  • sees heat and infrared light
  • calculates the trajectory of falling debris
  • provides ongoing “educated guess” computer analysis of chemical composition and air quality
  • is fully capable of facial recognition / distinguishing different individuals, people-counting
  • carries a single payload, a (reloadable) canister of fire-retardant foam. (The firefighter piloting the drone can deploy the canister manually, but the drone has the ability to deploy autonomously as well). By default, Charlie I will remain with a survivor and call for an additional drone to replace it in search.
  • can facilitate 2-way communication with the pilot and be made to manually continue seeking more survivors.

The firedrone’s path is recorded along with its conditions and can be replayed/retraced to diminish risk to emergency personnel, and guide people out (“follow the drone”) based on safety.

Charlie I is capable of “situational awareness” real time 3D holographic visualizations for group viewing and “shared reality” for cooperative piloting which maximizes firefighting team leadership & decision-making in complex and often stressful scenarios.

Please Contact Us for pricing information on the Charlie I including leased drones, piloting system, piloting training, and long haul customer care.

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