Astral AR in the News

Founder Leah La Salla encourages girls to investigate UAV

By: Astral AR | October 12th, 2017

Leah La Salla is among industry leaders encouraging girls to pursue careers in drones.

Astral AR Named To St. Louis Startup Roadshow

By: Astral AR | September 8th, 2017

As a winning company, Astral AR will be featured in Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt, September 18-20 in San Francisco.

2017 Women To Watch in UAS List Announced By Women and Drones And Drone360

By: Astral AR | September 13th, 2017

Leah La Salla is listed among the 9 most influential women in the drone/UAS industry, winners of the 2017 Women To Watch in the UAS initiative.

Founder Leah La Salla named Women in Drones' Top Technologist to Watch

By: Astral AR | August 29th, 2017

We are proud to announce that our CEO and Technical Founder, Leah La Salla, has been recognized by industry-leading publication Drones360 and Women in Drones as one of their 2017 Women to Watch in UAS.

Astral AR featured on Backstage Capital’s Mission & Values podcast

By: Astral AR | August 30th, 2017

Bryan Landers of Backstage Capital talks to CEO and Technical Founder Leah La Salla and COO Jose la Placa Amigo about how they designed Astral AR’s teams and culture. A wonderful insight into the very personal reasons we focus on humanitarian solutions.

Patrick J. Egan joins Astral AR as Director of Int’l Business Development

By: Astral AR | August 21st, 2017

Patrick J. Egan has joined Astral AR as Director of International Business Development following a 15 year career as an aerial vehicle Subject-Matter-Expert flight instructor, UAS journalist, and drone videographer.

This Drone Technology Might Sound a Little Creepy. But it Could Actually Save Lives

By: Astral AR | August 21st, 2017

Inc. Magazine featured a close-up on our piloting system and lifesaving humanitarian drone solutions, including the Edna police drone.

Sorcery: Announcing our Series A round

By: Astral AR | August 4th, 2017

This Medium post from Leah La Salla highlights all the ways we continue to live our commitment to diversity, transparency, and saving the world.

Astral is a Top 10 Internet of Things Company Disrupting AR

By: Astral AR | May 10th, 2017

AstralAR is bringing an entirely new form of drone to the market. Astral drones can be flown with the user’s brainwaves.

Meet Astral's Medusa and Jenny: Drones You Fly With Your Mind

By: Astral AR | March 3, 2017

A Q & A with Astral AR's CEO Leah La Salla and CPO Mary Ceallaigh.

Backstage Capital is Raising a Second Fund

By: Astral AR | Jan 25, 2017

Backstage Capital closed its first $5 million fund at the end of last year, which included everything from a mobile app that take pictures and turns them into nail art (NailSnaps) to a woman working on a drone that can stop bullets mid-air (Astral AR).

Astral Particpated in the 2016 Hackaday

By: Astral AR | September 15th, 2016

AUSTIN, Texas: Astral AR, LLC, didn't just solve a problem. We invented an Industry. We build the world's only robotically-enhanced neuromechanical aeronautical holoportation UAV - the ability for a drone pilot to be in two places at once. Astral AR's integrated system creates intuitive drone piloting, effortlessly. The pilot thinks "Turn Right/Bank Left/Elevate/Drop" with a small gesture emphasis, and the drone flies by mental command. This is mind-flown flight. We combine biometric feedback devices (the Emotiv Insight EEG headpiece with a Thalmic Myo armband) with augmented reality smartglasses - reserving gesture tracking for control of the drone's robotic components... Read More about our entry

Astral AR Joins the Small UAV Coalition

By: Astral AR

AUSTIN, Texas - Astral AR LLC, The Small UAV Coalition is composed of the leading manufacturers, software and hardware providers, end users, and service providers of companies in the unmanned aerial Systems industry. It is an organization built on the goal of allowing unfettered commercial, civil, and philanthropic use of small UAVs in the United States and abroad. To date, the Small UAV Coalition has been successful in setting the policy debate, and continues to be the leading voice for changes in law and policy to permit the operation of small UAVs beyond the line-of-sight, with varying degrees of autonomy, for commercial, consumer, recreational and philanthropic purposes. ... Read More about The Membership Opportunity

Astral AR Unveils Neuromechanical Drone Piloting System

By: Astral AR | January 2nd, 2016

AUSTIN, Texas: Astral AR LLC, We combine the Internet of Things, holographic displays, and unmanned aerial vehicles to create a drone piloting system straight out of science fiction. We use devices capable of distinguishing mental commands and individual words with real-time holographic rendering of a drone’s visual feeds. We also build unmanned vehicles that integrate biometrics and holographic displays into a patent-pending, neuromechanical interface that works exactly like you think is should... Drones you fly with your mind in augmented reality ... Read More about our Neuromechanical Drone Piloting System

Astral Spreads Awareness About Diversity In Tech

By: Astral AR | Aug 3, 2015