...A Minority-Majority company headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA.

Leah La Salla, CEO & Technical Founder

Leah is a self-taught polyglot software architect with a background in super-precision tool & die machining and CAD design, both in Austin and Chicago. She built Astral’s original prototype in between assembling the company team out of the personal and professional network built over the course of the last fifteen years. Leah got started in the tech industry long before there were any initiatives trying to bring women into development. She's served as mentor to over a hundred mentees, and as the LAMP/Js curriculum advisor for the Ada Academy. AKA Open Sorcercess.

Josè La Placa Amigò, CIO & Co-Founder

Josè grew up in Puerto Rico, and is a USAF war veteran. He has specialized experience in installation, fault isolation, and reconstitution of fixed cable and wireless distribution systems as an off-site engineer - and has survived getting shot at. Josè manages our international and Spanish-speaking strategic partnerships along with WAN network engineering for line-of-sight development. He is also a longtime volunteer and foster parent with the Santa Rosa Dog Den Rescue, helping countless dogs find forever homes - including Puppero, Astral's mascot.

Kaitlyn Christensen, Executive Coordinator

Kaitlyn Christensen

Kaitlyn came to us via Zirtual Assistants, and the rest is history. She’s behind the scenes in complex calendaring and secretarial sorcery that multiplies Astral’s success. Based in Northern Colorado, Kaitlyn is our Executive Coordinator and works across multiple time zones and locations - at the heart of Astral.

Mary Ceallaigh, CPO

Mary Ceallaigh

Astral's first employee, Mary brings a Human Development degree and 25 years experience in community education and strategic facilitation (via Austin, L.A., and abroad). As Chief Product Officer & Chief of Staff she focuses on product vision, team comms, and company culture. Also known as “Miracle Mary”.

Nathan, CGC

Nathan Kennedy

Nate graduated with honors from Thurgood Marshall School of Law. He's also recognized for the highest ethical standards and professional ability by his Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent rating. Nate overviews our legal matters from his office (a few blocks away from Astral's HQ) as our Chief General Counsel.

Juan, Frac COO

Juan Uribe

Juan brings a degree in Economics to his role as Fractional COO and financial manager at Astral. With experience in Private Equity & Venture Capital, as well as having served as Economic Advisor to the Congress of Colombia, Juan is boosting our bilingual and operational strategies in both North & South America.

Alik, FCMO

Alik Mock

As Fractional CMO, Alik overviews and designs all our GovTech brand development for representing Astral to the world. An ex-Apple specialist he understands where hardware & software meet at Astral. Alik's liaising with us as CEO of Genwise - to expand our lifesaving reach.

Joe, Director of Biz Admin

Joseph Dobson Jr.

As Director of Engineering, Joe manages our Chicago satellite office and reps Astral at events in the Great Lakes region. He brings a background in computer science as well as super-precision fabrication & aeronautics, and leads syncopation between engineering and our product vision.

Camila, Aero. Engineer

Camila Belduque

Camila is our Aeronautical Engineer. She studied at Pontifical Bolivarian University in Medillen, Colombia and brings expertise in aerial structures, materials, and flight dynamics. She also expands our Spanish-speaking collaborations with bilingual technical research and writing.

Eduardo, Ops Asst. Intern

Eduardo Tejera

As Operations Assistant Intern Eddie wears many hats and can be found assisting our momentum in both English and Spanish. He brings a degree in International/Global Studies with a focus on International Business to his collaborations at Astral.

Anita, Dir. Social Media

Anita Stewart

Anita is a USAF veteran with a background in music & photography. As Director of Social Media, she's the primary driver behind Astral’s ability to quantify its traction with analytics. Formerly an elected Board member in the Tampa metro area, she's also served on several political campaigns.

Lyrae, Dir. Public Relations

Lyrae Perry

With 30+ years experience as a company Controller and Consultant in business communications along with a background in the arts, Lyrae is our Director of Public Relations. She brings her stellar talents to expanding our global voice and also collaborates on graphic design..

Torey Cloud, Intern Content Designer

Torey Cloud

Torey is our Content Design Intern working for Astral from New Hampshire. Her background is in creative writing, marketing, and customer service. Torey develops Astral’s messaging and visual graphics through learning by doing, and dreaming up new ideas.

Peter Philips, Product Manager

Peter Philips

Peter is a USAF veteran with an MBA in Global Entrepreneurship, along with being a certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Project Management Professional (PMP). As Product Manager Peter handles our preparation for successful scaling to produce aerial lifesaving & security tools for the world.