About Astral AR

Leah La Salla, CEO & Co-Founder

Leah is Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a self-taught, polyglot software architect and inventor of mind-flown drones. She built Astral’s original prototype in between assembling the company team out of the personal and professional network built over the course of the last fifteen years. Leah has become best known for getting started in the tech industry long before there were any initiatives trying to bring women into development and infamously hacking NASA with a toaster in her spare time.

Josè "Chango" La Placa Amigò, COO & Co-Founder

Josè is a U.S. Air Force war veteran who specialized in installation, fault isolation, and reconstitution of fixed cable and wireless distribution systems as an off-site engineer. As Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Astral, Josè manages our international strategic partnerships and WAN network engineering for line-of-sight development. He is also longtime volunteer and foster parent with the Santa Rosa Dog Den Rescue, helping countless dogs find forever homes.

Mary Ceallaigh, CPO

Mary Ceallaigh, CPO

As Chief Product Officer (CPO), also known as “Miracle Mary”, Mary brings a Human Development degree to Astral AR, and is at the hub of our product vision, team comms, execution, and company culture - keeping it holistic as Astral’s first employee. She has mentored individuals, developed and led teams, and optimized outcomes both in and around the Austin startup world as well as in Los Angeles and internationally.

Katie, CLO

Katie French, CLO

Katie has over a decade of experience in classrooms and library settings as a Subject Matter Expert in Science Education where she’s authored, produced, and reviewed an expansive repertoire of instructional and learning tools. As Chief Learning Officer (CLO), Katie brings a learning overview to Astral’s in-house team development and external pilot training program liaising which complements her scope at Astral.

Nathan, CGC

Nathan Kennedy, CGC

Nathan graduated with honors from Thurgood Marshall School of Law. His law practice in Austin, Texas includes advising business owners, investors and contractors on complex business litigation matters and business transactions. He's also recognized for the highest ethical standards and professional ability by his Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent rating. Nate coordinates legal overview & compliance from his office, only a few blocks away in downtown Austin, as Astral's Chief General Counsel (CGC).

Amber Allan, CMO

Amber Allen, CMO

Amber serves as Astral’s fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) via our partner company Double A Events - which specializes in boosting leading edge companies via experiential marketing design and event production. She is overviewing marketing with an inspired team liaising with Astral on a variety of fronts - from offices in Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London.

Anita, Director of Social Media

Anita Stewart, DSM

Anita is a U.S. Air Force veteran and worked in Intel Ops. As the Director of Social Media (DSM), Anita is the primary driver behind Astral’s ability to quantify its traction with analytics. Formerly an elected Board member in the Tampa metro area, Anita has also served as a member of staff on several local, state, and presidential political campaigns. She moonlights in music & photography.

Steve, Director of Staff

Steve Allen, DS

Steve has decades of experience maintaining team relationships. As Director of Staff (DS), he leads the implementation of Astral’s ongoing team education related to processes and protocols - and mediates communications for a healthy company culture. Steve ensures our values are aligned in how we collaborate and succeed.

Joe, Director of Biz Admin

Joe Dobson Jr., DE

As Director of Engineering (DE), Joe manages our Chicago office. He brings an additional MBA to Astral as well as a background in super-precision fabrication & aeronautics. When not at Astral, Joe is busy fishing, hanging out at the pool hall or crushing it on the golf course.

Stacey Edwards, VP of Customer Success

Stacey Edwards, VP CS

Stacey comes to Astral by way of 20+ years in management at Cisco Systems. As VP of Customer Success (CS), she brings seasoned perspectives on how companies grow and the total relevance of relationship maintenance for long-haul customer care. Originally from Ohio, Stacey discovered Astral at a Women in Tech event at a local library in Austin, Spring 2017.

Lindsay Beckworth, Director of User Experience

Lindsay Beckworth, UXD

Lindsay brings a Bachelors degree in Web Design and Development to our team. She's made an impact across the United States for large-scale applications at IBM and McGraw-Hill Education. Lindsay is leading the creative vision as Director of User Experience (UXD) at Astral towards delightful, holistic experiences for all of our users.

Kaitlyn Christensen, Remote Executive Assistant

Kaitlyn Christensen, EA

Kaitlyn came to us via Zirtual Assistants, and the rest is history. She’s behind the scenes in complex calendaring and secretarial sorcery that multiplies Astral’s success. Based in Northern Colorado, Kaitlyn interfaces as our Executive Assistant (EA) with team members across multiple time zones and locations - at the heart of Astral.

Torey Cloud, Intern Content Designer

Torey Cloud, CDI

Originally from Texas, Torey is our Content Design Intern (CDI) Supreme working for Astral from New Hampshire. Her background is in creative writing, marketing, and customer service. Torey helps develop Astral’s storytelling and visual graphics production through learning by doing - and editing.

Robbie, Lead Pinch Hitter

Robbie Smith, LPH

Robbie is Astral's Lead Pinch Hitter (LPH) and jack of all trades and master of few when it comes to all things internet related. His past 25+ years of experience lends itself at times of need whatever the need may be. He is also willing to go the extra mile to ensure Astral crosses the finish line beyond his web related asks.

Peter Philips, Product Owner

Peter Philips, PPO

Peter is a U.S. Air Force veteran, Texas native and the newest member of the Astral AR team. Our Project/Product Owner (PPO) is a certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Project Managment Professional (PMP), has an MBA in Global Entrepreneurship and welcomes any challenge willing to test his limits. When he isn't busy spinning plates at Astral, Peter can be found on a golf course or playing fetch with his Australian Labradoodle.