Making Saving the World Safer


Being a company which brings the sophistication of telepresence to the world is pretty hyper-exceptional - and yet our motto is simple & clear: “Diversity, Transparency and Saving The World”. Our whole team is inspired and motivated by it. If there’s one thing we have as an early-stage startup, it’s a sense of accountability to our company motto as central to how we work and how we succeed as a business.


Our mission is simple: save lives. We work to reduce risks associated with normal tasks as well as extraordinary ones. Our proprietary technology and drone piloting system exponentially aid humanitarian endeavors with safety & speed.


Astral AR's values are what inform our motto and our mission. We are diversity, transparency, and saving the world - and this is what we bring into our relationships with customers, investors, and strategic business partners.


Being that Astral is minority (women, disabled, veteran, people of color) owned, diversity is basic to who we are. The majority of the Astral team is comprised of people who are underrepresented in corporate America’s tech startup “unicorn” company culture. Diversity is very much our version of “normal” and with it comes varied life experiences that add to our innovative genius.


Openness leads to trust, and trust fosters innovation. Instead of balking at transparency, we embrace it as a way to ensure service-oriented team accountability, increase customer loyalty and overall company success. More often than not, people are happier when they feel they've contributed to the well-being of their business and customer base. It energizes us, makes us more thoughtful, and as a result we make more precise decisions.

Stewardship (Saving The World)

When Astral AR was founded, it was with the twofold goal of being a successfully disruptive business and delivering unprecedented safety tools to those who need them the most. Human society and the natural world are at risk in multiple - and extremely urgent - ways. Astral AR’s tech is a lifesaving utility. Our aerial capacity to stop bullets & locate human survivors with lightning speed takes lifesaving tools to an entirely new level.